Alain Alvarez, a youth wager on Cuban baseball

with Ellen Alvarez a strange thing happened in cuban ball, His team had finished last in the past baseball national series And they named him director of the Cuban team for those under 23 that will play in the World Cup in October.

In the International Calendar of the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC, for its acronym in English) It is one of the most important competitions, the third if we include the World Classic. Premier 12 is second and then tournaments are ranked by category.

However, in the recent four Cuban seasons the patron of Elephantes de Cienfuegos has accumulated a career in team command positions that has been more fruitful as an athlete when he played three seasons at the highest level in the country.

In Santa Clara they remember him for his years in that whole municipality in the provincial chain of neighboring Villa Clara. As the adopted son of the Pearl of the South, where he sought a competitive horizon, he remained active in the sport and developed a career as a coach that first led him to manage the under-23 team for three years. inspired.

Under his auspices, that batch of talent was formed, which in no time placed Cienfuegos in the selection group of the best eight in the national championship for seniors, and his fans dream big once again. Like the time he took the podium and played one-on-one with teams with more ancestry in our baseball.

But most of these boys chose other directions for their lives, both sports and personally, and it was Allen’s turn last season, with no time and little academy, to regroup as a group.

During this rebuilding process, he reformed himself to better understand the art of directing in baseball and did not stop drinking alcohol from a variety of sources, a task that was usually thankless and made constant preparation to discover Requires how to resolve uneven playing situations that occur in sports. match or competition.

Last year he was with Ariel Sanchez in preparation for the team that had previously participated in the Junior Pan American Games, and in 2023 he secured a spot at the U23 Pan American Games with Armando Johnson for the World Cup.

Both were moments of learning and overcoming beyond the medals won, and they showed, in addition to their knowledge of baseball, essential qualities for leadership, such as their ability to listen, participatory management, psychology, and group cohesion to achieve results. continuous search.

what Mandy Johnson is not one of those sordid people who cling to the microphone to praise virtues and justify failures. He prefers that it be the playground that speaks for him, although he fearlessly shows his face to explain and answer the facts.

Some were surprised when he was dropped into Cuba’s charge of the Under-23s after Johnson’s promotion to the larger team. And he knows it, so since the pre-selection was focused his main action is work, work and work.

He has said that he is going for a medal in the World Cup to be held in Chinese Taipei. Not setting such a goal would be suicide. Prophecies are like a noose around the neck.

The final edition of that World’s Fair, held in 2021, was delayed due to COVID-19, Cuba, with a team that dwindled since landing in Mexico, until it ended with half the players due to abandonment , finished in a meritorious fourth place. ,

This is why Ellen can no longer think of a lesser result, although one competition never looks like another. It is up to his management that these boys behave freely, have fun but stay focused and master the fundamentals of the game, which was very evident in the recently concluded U-23 National Championships. was not.

Even-tempered, organized, what happens between two lines of lime and a good reader of the data provided by Sabermetrics, Alain lvarez takes on a challenge that some experts called him in his early days as a coach. was outlined in.

Perhaps when he at least envisioned it, in a country where championism is usually rewarded above all in matters of sport, the designation came for a greater responsibility. Could it be that times are changing? I want.

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