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Monterrey, Nuevo León. – Leóns de Yucatán are the fifth-time champions in the Mexican Baseball League.

Tonight, after winning the sixth match the day before, they won the seventh match of the Kings series 6-1 at Sultans de Monterrey.

Jose Cafecito Martínez went 3-for-4 with a full-round stick and scored five runs in support of Henderson Alvarez’s serpent.

The winning pitcher made 8.0 innings of one run and seven hits, not letting go and hitting three to give the long-haired crowd the fifth championship in their history.

The long-haired 2022 edition joined the glory of 1957, 1984, 2006 and 2018.1 to leave behind two consecutive defeats in the Kings Series. The men, commanded by Roberto Vizcarra, defeated Sultans de Monterrey 6–1 at the Mobil Super Stadium and were crowned after seven games. ‘Chapo’ managed Yucatán in 2018, for which he added his second Zachila Cup with the peninsula.

Henderson lvarez III, originally from Valencia, Venezuela, continued his great work on the pitch. In Game 3 of the current King’s Series presented by the G500, he had already thrown 7.2 innings in which he did not allow runs and 8.0 episodes of one run and seven hits of Game 7 to be named Most Valuable Player by Special were added. press. of the 2022 King Series.

Less than 200 kilometers to the east, in La Guerra, and less than two years ago, the second long-haired Venezuelan hero was born: ‘Cafecito’ Martínez, who built only one career in doubles for the title. Did, was exposed driving five runs in the fifth title game in Lions history.

Life brought ‘Cafecito’ Martinez and Henderson lvarez together with Tiburones de la Guerra in their native country in 2013-2014 and 2017-2018 and baseball has brought them together again this year, filling them with a ball-loving delight in the Yucatan Peninsula. brought together for hobby.

It was game morning and what could be better than a ‘cafacito’ to wake up to. Jose Martinez prepared the race for the pool with a double that took Norberto Obeso to the register. The damage could have been greater: with a full home and two outs, Yohander Mendez dominated with a strikeout on Sebastian Valle.

The alarm went off immediately. Henderson Alvarez was hurt after the pitch after a shot from Ramiro Pea.

The formula was repeated in the fifth reel: ‘Cafecito’ promoted Obeso but this time with a single. Roberto Kelly used a crane to enter Jake Sanchez in the last third of the fifth inning.

Lyons de Yucatán fans were supporting bleachers To cheer for your team in percussion rhythm from left field. They ran into a wall before the streamers of Henderson Alvarez heard the local public whistling.

Just below the long hair was Zoilo Almonte who caught the ball over the fence at sixth high after a powerful hit from Sebastian Valle. At the bottom, Christian Adams, with a brushstroke in the short stop, ended the second third of the game to avoid the loss of Monterey players.

‘Cafecito’ became ‘Seor’s Cafe’ with the best aroma in the country, with three more runs at home run to left field. 5-0 and all produced by Don Jose Martinez. He finished the night 4-3, with his five RBIs, his full lap stick, a double and a run.

Henderson lvarez departed for the ninth inning, but was greeted with a solo homer by Xilo Almonte, which sent him for showers after an impressive 8.0 innings total of one run and seven hits, not allowed to walk, three chocolates. Determined and made a total of 102 pitches, of which 71 were strikes.

lvarez III (Valencia, Venezuela, 1990) was the series’ MVP. His first season with Lyons de Yucatán was a dream. The Venezuelan pitcher played two seasons with Tigres de Quintana Roo (2018 and 2019) and for this 2022 he signed with the long-haired one.

With this title, Lyon moves up to five and equals Tecolotes as the fifth club with the most penalties. Roberto Vizcarra climbs into the record books as the third manager with the most titles in the LMB, reaching four (2013, 2015, 2018.1 and 2022), just below Lazaro Salazar and Benjamin ‘Caenia’ Reyes.

PG Henderson Alvarez (2-0, 0.57)

pp. Yohander Mendez (1-1, 2.45)

HR: UUC Jose Martinez (1), Walter Ibarra (1); MTY Zoilo Almonte (2)

Information: Mexican Baseball League.

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